Stefan gave me so much confidence in opening my new Dermatology practice.  I met him in January, and within a few weeks, we were out touring multiple options to lease space for my practice.  By the end of March, we had agreed upon terms, and I had a signed lease by the middle of April!  When negotiating the terms of my lease, Stefan took into account the time it would take to renovate my space, the cost, and even the time it would take to get credentialed.  His expertise of the medical profession helped get me a great deal and set up my practice for immediate success.  I highly recommend Stefan to any medical professional looking for new office space.

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Rosemara Hughart

MD, Owner, The Rose Center for Medical & Aesthetic Dermatology Hyannis, MA

Opening my first cold start practice was a huge venture. When my bank introduced me to Stefan, I was skeptical. I thought they would be in it to make a quick dollar off a novice entrepreneur like myself. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Stefan took the time to show me eight local properties, half of which I didn’t even realize were potential candidates, and explained in detail the pros and cons of each. He never made me feel rushed and answered each question I had with my best interest in mind. When I finally decided on a property, Stefan was there every step of the way to review documentation, give potential warnings when necessary, and work with my landlord to finalize the deal. I would not hesitate to work with Stefan in the future, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his honesty and willingness to go to bat for me knowing full well that I had no experience in this type of transaction.

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Joel Tuite

OD, Owner, Hometown Eye Care Littleton, NH

I am voluntarily writing a letter on behalf of a highly professional and diligent realtor, Mr. Stefan Zelich.  Stefan recently guided my practice through finalizing a multi-year lease to assist in relocating and expanding my ophthalmology practice.

I was introduced to Stefan by chance as a patient overheard my frustrations with other realtors that I was dealing with in attempted relocation. Fate clearly guided me to him in this process! The frustrations I was experiencing with the other realtors related to their desire to place me in real estate that was only beneficial to their financial means. 

Stefan, by comparison, took exceptional time and care to show me a range of different real estate options focusing on my practice and its geographic and infrastructural needs. His thorough preparation for viewing each location and his professionalism in evaluating the benefits and efficiencies of each property was exceptionally beneficial in the decision-making process.  

He was available by phone call, text, or email at a moment’s notice and made me feel as if the search process and the decision-making were as important to him as they were to me. I could not envision a more thorough, friendly, professional partner in this search.

Stefan took into account our geographic, medical, surgical, and retail needs in helping guide our practice to its new home. I feel I have a lifelong friend and partner in Stefan and would recommend him without reservation and with the highest commendation.

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Charles Barsam

M. D., Owner, North Suburban Eye Waltham, MA

Stefan Zelich worked with us in finding a new clinic location that was a perfect fit. Stefan drove down to Bridgewater and toured the facilities with us. Once we decided which one to go with, Stefan worked diligently to ensure an affordable and reasonable lease and a smooth transition from my previous landlord. Stefan ensured we met with the owner of the property as well as his realtor and helped us to negotiate a competitive rate that will scale as the business scales. Working with Stefan was extremely worth it, and I would recommend him to any of my colleagues.

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Kelly Duggan

DPT, Owner, Physical Therapy U, Inc Bridgewater, MA

Starting a new veterinary hospital can be daunting, with many challenges. Having Stefan by my side as I started my practice made it easy. I couldn’t be more impressed with the hard work, dedication, and knowledge he brought to get me a great deal. Thank you for everything!

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Jim Whitebone

DVM, Owner, Naticook Veterinary Hospital Merrimack, NH

When I began searching for a new, expanded office location, I was not certain I needed help.  I was skeptical of the need for a real estate agent.  Now that the process is complete, I realize that without Stefan, there is no way I would be in my current location with the final lease terms we were able to negotiate.

He, specifically, had an excellent command of the Providence market.  This allowed us to efficiently scout potential properties and hone in on the one that best met our practice goals.  Stefan then led our lease negotiation in a targeted, strong, and effective way.  He showed me the different options available to me and the financial implications.  When the negotiations became a bit contested, his professionalism allowed us to proceed in a creative way that fully satisfied the building owner and me.

I cannot imagine a more talented realtor.  I recommended Stefan Zelich without reservation.

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William J. Morocco

MD, Owner, East Side Pediatrics Providence, RI

Before meeting Stefan, I had looked at numerous properties with other agents. None of them were as thorough, prepared, or enthusiastic as Stefan, all of which was reassuring during this very stressful process. Once I hired him, he showed me many different properties (all of which fit my needs), so when I finally saw the right property, I felt comfortable moving forward. He was there with me every step of the way, guiding me through negotiations and comparing my different choices. Starting this practice was so much work, so it was such a blessing to have Stefan there to help guide me to my new home.

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Joy Saini

MD, Owner, Boston Pelvic Health

Stefan has helped us with multiple projects over the last several years. He’s knowledgeable on the real estate market, is responsive, moves quickly, and, most of all, takes time to understand the needs of our practice. When we look at properties, he shows us only the options that will work for the practice, so we don’t waste time on properties that will not work for us. He’s a critical part of our team, and I recommend him to any practice owner needing real estate help.

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Samir Melki

MD, Owner, Boston Vision

When we were looking at buying a new practice, Stefan came in and got a great deal from the landlord to extend our lease. He helped negotiate a construction allowance to help with our planned renovations and extra free rent so we wouldn’t be paying while we underwent our renovations. His involvement allowed us to dedicate our attention to the practice acquisition while he helped secure us an excellent lease extension. He’s been a great addition to our team, and I’d recommend him to any practice looking for help with extending a lease.

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Melanie Cabral

LDO, Managing Partner, EyeSpot

It is with pleasure that I am writing this testimonial to share my experience working with Stefan Zelich. More than a year and a half ago, my solo practice outgrew its current location, and I started working with Stefan on finding a new location. Stefan was so helpful in guiding me through the process. He narrowed down the listings that would match my practice needs. He spent countless hours making phone calls and visiting potential spaces with me until we found the best one. Furthermore, he attends many town meetings and conference calls to support me in getting an administrative waiver due to a zoning issue that came along the way. His dedication, hard-working skills, and patience facilitated this lengthy process and are to be commended. Stefan went above and beyond to find the perfect location for my practice, and he was key in helping me negotiate the best possible lease. I highly recommend Stefan and have already referred him to many colleagues.

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Caroline Gauthier

DPM, Owner, Reading Foot & Ankle Specialists, PC Reading, MA

I recently relocated my optometry practice with the help of Stefan Zelich.  When I met him, I had already been looking for a while and had even received a proposal on the space I wanted.  With his help, we improved that deal by negotiating five months to renovate, three months free after opening for business, and $180,000 in renovation allowance from the landlord!  When we thought the deal was done, the bank came back and said they needed to see a lower rent in year one of the lease.  Stefan made that happen, and we got the deal done!  Stefan helped make my decision process so much easier by comparing the property I liked to several other options in the town I wanted to be in.  At the end of the process, I was extremely comfortable moving forward because I had seen what other properties were offering and was confident I was getting the best deal for my practice. If you’re an optometrist looking for office space, I highly recommend working with Stefan.  His communication, guidance, and results were excellent.  You will not be disappointed.

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Richard G. Stegen

O.D., Owner, North Country Eye Care Associates West Lebanon, NH

Stefan Zelich helped us navigate the process of evaluating whether we should relocate our practice or renew our existing lease. He helped us evaluate all the options in our desired market, whether it was purchasing an existing building, buying land to build a building, or leasing existing office space. Ultimately, we decided that remaining at our current office was the best option for the practice. We had two years left on our lease, but Stefan was able to help us re-negotiate and convinced the landlord to rip up the old lease and lower the rent. All in all, he saved our practice over $350,000 in lease costs over the next seven years! Stefan made the process simple, gave us the peace of mind that we were making the right decision, and negotiated an excellent deal for our practice’s lease renewal. I highly recommend Stefan to any physician or office manager looking for help with their next real estate transaction. I cannot thank him enough for what he did to help our practice.

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Carol F. O’Neill

FACMPE, Executive Director, Westwood - Mansfield Pediatric Associates Westwood, MA

Stefan Zelich is the only person I will consider using for my commercial property needs. He took care of the entire process for us, finding appropriate properties, arranging onsite visits, and ultimately negotiated a fantastic commercial lease package for our chosen property. Stefan was responsive to our requests and very patient with us as this was our first experience with commercial properties. Our experience was so positive that I have since recommended Stefan to several medical practices and would not hesitate to act as a reference on his behalf. Stefan showed us what the commercial property experience should be like for all busy practice owners and administrators.

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Marta De La Torre

FACHE, Executive Director, Boston Maternal Fetal Medicine Brookline, MA

Stefan Zelich recently helped me purchase a condo to startup my Primary Care Practice.  I was leaving an existing practice, so it was a very stressful time, but Stefan made the process simple and easy.  When we met, I had already been in contact with the seller of the condo I wanted and had started down the road to negotiations.  Stefan immediately set up a tour to look at other options to gain leverage on the seller.  After multiple rounds of negotiations, we were able to get the price down by $200,000, and I was able to apply that savings to buy some equipment I otherwise would not have been able to afford.  I cannot thank Stefan enough for helping to make my dream of practice ownership a reality, and I highly recommend him to any physician looking to start their own practice or buy real estate.

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Daniel Arnold

MD, Owner, Primary Care of Cape Cod Hyannis, MA

Stefan was instrumental in guiding us through our office expansion and relocation. He showed us numerous properties and helped us compare all our top choices. His expertise and understanding of our practice needs were invaluable and gave us confidence throughout the process. I could not imagine going through this without him.

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Marnie Burton

PNP, Partner, Children’s Medical Office

My name is Larry Goetschius, and I am the Executive Director of Plymouth Pediatric Associates (PPA) in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I am writing today talk about the help support and expertise provided by Stefan Zelich during our quest to find a suitable location for PPA’s new standalone building.

Stefan spent several hours talking with the management team and the physician leaders on the type of location we were looking for including professional image and shopping that would be close by for parents with a busy schedule looking to combine trips. Stefan did his homework on what properties and land were available in the Plymouth and we proceeded to visit properties and sites. Stefan was able to walk us through each site and how it meet our stated goals and help us prioritize our most important features.

After about 8 months of looking, we found land that was in a professional park and close to shopping. Stefan, along with our bank, guided us through the purchase process. At one point in the process the landowner brought up an expense he expected us to pay, and Stefan brought out the agreement stating that the expense was cover in the agreed upon price.

At all times during our search, purchase and sale Stefan was open to hearing our ideas, thoughts and concerns. He was diligent in identifying new properties and setting up appointments. He was able to listen and talk to members of the team from their perspectives. Stefan was easy to work with a good sense of humor and an attitude that helped us through the times when we did not think we’d ever find our new home.

I would recommend Stefan for his knowledge of the real estate market, his work ethic, experience negotiating contracts, and understanding of the search and purchasing process.

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Larry Goetschius

Executive Director, Plymouth Pediatric Associates (PPA)