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63 Central St, Wellesley, MA 02482

Project Background

Eyespot was in the midst of buying a practice and simultaneously negotiating a new lease with the landlord. There was no term left on the existing lease, and the office needed a complete refresh.


We vetted multiple opportunities to relocate the office and received offers on a handful of properties. Armed with this leverage and a better understanding of the market, we returned to the landlord with new terms that included an allowance and free rent to help renovate.


Eyespot was able to secure better terms than were initially proposed which helped them completely renovate their new office.

Melanie Cabral, LDO

When we were looking at buying a new practice, Stefan came in and got a great deal from the landlord to extend our lease. He helped negotiate a construction allowance to help with our planned renovations and extra free rent so we wouldn’t be paying while we underwent our renovations. His involvement allowed us to dedicate our attention to the practice acquisition while he helped secure us an excellent lease extension. He’s been a great addition to our team, and I’d recommend him to any practice looking for help with extending a lease.

Managing Partner, EyeSpot

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